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Carl’s Kids
Bridging the game of golf to under served kids!
© 2016 Carl’s Kids - is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization  Bridging the game of golf to prospective junior golfers.


Carl’s Kids Foundation

Carl's Kids' mission is to bridge the game of golf to the under served kids: economically, culturally, educationally and spiritually. The rules of golf have many life lessons etiquette that we will instill into prospective junior golfers. The game of golf teaches high integrity and how to respect your opponent. We believe that by teaching junior golfers these principles such will produce young men and women of character. In addition, they will become law abiding citizens. On the spiritual end, our kids will see that a life of high integrity and respectfulness is Godly. You can become involved with Carl’s Kids by supporting us financially or by being personally involved in your community. 
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Carl’s Kids hosts 2nd Annual golf event for

Urban Hope junior golfers , Durham, NC at

Hillandale Golf Club.  July 19th, 2016

PO Box 72173 Durham, NC 27722-2173